Incense Cedar (Bundle of 5)

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Scientific Name:
Calocedrus decurrens
Mature Height:
70-110 Feet
Coniferous bareroot seedling
Sun Exposure:
Partial Shade
Water Requirements:
Moderate Water
Attracts birds, bees, butterflies, and small animals:

Product Overview

Sold in bundles of 5, 10, 15...

The Incense cedar is a slow growing plant that after many years will grow into a tall coniferous tree. Pine-scented foliage is comprised of dark green scale-like leaves that develop on flat branchlets. Seeds develop in pairs and are valued by wildlife when the mature in late fall. The Incense cedar is a handsome and tough coniferous tree with rich green foliage and a uniform shape. While not widely known, a number of specimens can be found growing throughout the Inland Empire where it provides a bold conifer character. It grows best on sandy loam soils with moderate water during winter and spring, and periodic deep watering during summer.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review