About the Sale

 Pre-order period: January 31st - March 12th 2022


SCD’s Spring Tree Sale offers a variety of native trees and shrubs for conservation purposes such as wildlife habitat, windbreaks, hedgerows, reforestation and stream enhancement. They also work great on home and garden projects.

majority of the plants offered are bareroot stock. This means that they do not come in pots or burlap bags, but are harvested from the field in winter when the plants are dormant and ready to be replanted. Bareroot plants are affordable, hardy, have well-developed roots and are easy to handle, transport and plant. Order early for the best deals and availability. We do sell out of plants, so get yours today!

We also have the following tree accessories for sale:

  • Tree Tubes: These diamond mesh tubes protect young seedlings from nibbling intruders for up to five years.
  • Tree Diapers: Take advantage of natural precipitation (rain and snow) by using a Tree Diaper to reduce manual watering and grow healthier trees.
  • Repellex: Place tablets in soil to deter animals like deer, rabbits, voles, etc. from feeding on all parts of plants


Caring and Planting Your Seedlings

Plant Characteristics Keys:



Planting Forest Seedlings (DNR Resource) (PDF)

Plant Your Seedlings Right (University of Idaho Resource) (PDF)




How big are the seedlings at the time of distribution?

The majority of our bareroot seedlings range in size from 8-24’’ tall, and unless otherwise indicated, are not potted and come in minimum bundles of five. An 8" seedling is grown in a greenhouse for one year. The 8" seedlings have an advantage to planting large quantities because they are much smaller and less labor-intensive.

Reforestation trees are available in 8" size, as well as Plug 1 size. The P1 seedlings, are a year older than the 8" seedlings and they are quite a bit larger, about a foot or taller and they have a larger caliper stem with some branching and a larger more extensive root system. A P1 seedling is grown for one year in a greenhouse and an additional year in the field.

Plug 1's are only available in the reforestation species. Reforestation trees are as Plug 1's, in minimum quantities of 100.





Storing Your Seedlings

If you must store you plants prior to planting, be sure the selected storage area maintains the correct temperature, has good ventilation and plants will be protected from drying out, heating or freezing. Remove the plants from their bags or boxes and keep roots moist and the tops of plants dry. Do not store stock near fresh produce or cut flowers, both of which release ethylene gas which is deadly to live plant material.